Client Comments

"With Stacy's help this has been a great process and outcome!"

"I really enjoyed the Implicit Bias training as I believe it is something that can and should be acknowledged as an agency as we continue to work towards our DEI goals"

"The presenter's content and her way of presenting it made the training interesting and compelling"

"Thank you so much for everything, I am getting nothing but good feedback!!"

Not For Profit Organization

St. Paul, Minnesota

"You have such a great way of engaging a group. It was super fun and educational to train with you! Thanks for helping heavy and daunting things feel so much more possible and giving us concrete tools to take it forward"

"The intentional space to reflect on where we are, how we can connect to understand some of the barriers (using empathy and empowerment as we go), and imagining ways to amplify active supporters as champions for change!! "

Mental Health Clinic

St. Paul, Minnesota

"The healing conversation was very helpful, informative, and engaging. It was the first time I felt safe to express my true vulnerability in a professional setting"

"So interesting to hear everyone's perspectives. The facilitators made us think and were great at getting folks to talk."

Non-Profit Organization

North Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Stacy did an amazing job providing Customer Service and Conflict Resolution training for managers and staff!"

Restaurant & Lounge

Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

"We would like to thank you for being a phenomenal mentor! Our group is grateful for your time, energy, and expertise."

Community Organization

South Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Thank you for recruiting diverse talent to fill open roles!"

Automotive Dealership

Friendly, Minnesota